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Han emperor Liu Bang: Chuhan war

Initially, Liu Bang and Xiang Yu hegemony and not east intention, but he went to Nanzheng after the bad turn of events prompted him determined to east, and Xiang Yu compete for the world. I can say that people are forced out, Xiang Yu Liu Bang to as a barren land, not starve to death sooner or later have died in that famine. The most important reason is that the soldiers were dissatisfied Nanzheng local soil and water, day and night homesick, low morale significantly, so the soldiers would have been less of Han more lax; followed by Xiang Yu sealed in Qi Tian Rong Xiang Yu packet too unfair, revolted rebellion, Xiang Yu led a crusade army, no time to care about Liu Bang, Liu Bang which created an excellent opportunity to feed soldiers. Happened this time Liu has been general Han Xin, Liu Xiao to say, if you want world hegemony, non-Han can not be reused. Han has been called after the generals, proposed immediately send troops east.206 BC, Liu Bang let Xiao Ren Chengxiang, responsible for Prachuab rear area management, and he personally led troops from the cover of the Han (now China's western Shaanxi Baoji East) sneak off quickly occupied the whole, so far, the famous war officially Chu break out.

Chuhan war is divided into two stages, the previous stage disadvantage Liu Bang, Xiang Yu has been repeatedly killing defeated and go. Later, with the total drive a wedge between Xiang Yu Liu and Fan Zeng, making only seeking Shi Fan Zeng Xiang Yu also betrayed Xiang Yu. This makes Xiang Yu army is entirely their own people in a clash with Han heroes, so Han gradually gain the upper hand, and finally the House of Flying Daggers Xiang defeat.

After 刘邦东 Jin, who take advantage of Xiang Yu and Qi, Zhao war machine won the Henan Luoyang capture, then swept east, the capture of Pengcheng. Xiang Yu was originally going to put down, and Liu Qi and Zhao after the battle, and now see the capture of Liu Pengcheng, they brought thirty thousand elite troops forced march back, while Liu set banquet celebration of the machine, in the early morning attack, one day put Han military defeat, retreat in the Han, Xiang Yu has been eliminated to kill a dozen people. The aura (now Anhui Su County northwest) east of Sui Xiang Yu water has been to catch up, but also the loss of hundreds of thousands of troops, Liu Bang's father and his wife Empress Xiang Yu was arrested. The other way to follow the original Liu Princes see Liu Bang defeated, has rounded him.

After Liu Ying Yang retreated got reinforcements Xiao, Han Xin was beaten Shoulong also joined the army. Han and regroup in the south Ying Yang Xiang Yu's army defeated the armies in the vicinity of the Ying Yang started the confrontation. Later, Liu Xiang Yu instigation of general English cloth, Xiang Yu divided the forces, but also because you want to divide our forces Xiang Yu repression weakened strength. But, after all, is not an ordinary character Xiang Yu, Han intrusion of his troops and transportation channel, will eventually Ying Yang Han siege up. Liu had no option but to sum Xiang Yu, Ying Yang offered to the dividing line for the west of Ying Yang Han, Xiang Yu Liu Bang had wanted to agree, but Fan Zeng did not agree, saying that now is a good time to eliminate the Han miss this opportunity Fanghuguishan, on the end of trouble. Xiang Yu then began to attack Ying Yang. See Liu Fan Zeng stymied on the use of Chans drive a wedge between that Xiang Yu Fan Zeng forced to leave.

Fan Zeng left, Ying Yang Xiang Yu stepped up the offensive, Liu Ying Yang also managed to break through. General discipline letter volunteered for Liu Xiang to fake surrender, let Liu took the opportunity to escape. Liu Ji letter of riding a car out of the East Gate Zha Jiang, Liu breakthrough from Simon out of the city. Sure enough, the letter Ji Xiang Yu's army attracted most of the results did not seize Liu Xiang Yu, Ji angrily burned the letter.

Chu against the two sides more than ten months, and because the relevant support of Shu, Liu Bang gradually gained the upper hand, and Xiang Yu is because of manpower, lack of forage and Liu Bang to make peace, to divide (now Henan Ying Yang, Zhongmou Kaifeng and line) for the community, something partition. Xiang Yu and Liu Bang's father and his wife will return.

Battle Gaixia

Xiang Yu led troops back to the East, Liu also intends to lead the troops to back off in. Zhang Liang and Chen Ping, then tried to persuade the opportunity to exterminate Liu Xiang Yu, Xiang Yu Bing inadequate because then no fine grain. Liu army command returns after the adoption of the chase, Han Xin and Peng Yue life simultaneously sent rushed build-up, punch Xiang Yu.

In October 202 BC, Xiang Yu Liu catch up, but in the solid-Ling (now Henan too Considine), the Han Xin and Peng Yue's army has not yet arrived. Xiang Yu fierce counterattack to Han, Han will be defeated. Liu had no stick, Zhang said that if the commitment to give Han Xin, Peng Yue fief, they will certainly rushed into the soldiers. Liu promised immediately sent after defeating Xiang Yu Han Xin and Peng Yue to seal their king and King of Liang. Han Xin and Peng Yue promised to immediately into the soldiers, Han joined the brightest reinforcements total of three hundred thousand, and Xiang Yu Gaixia battle. Night, besieged Xiang Yu Chu Han sang songs desolate, so that Han Xiang Yu Chu has occupied all, Xiang Yu's soldiers homesick tears all away. Breakout chasing after Han Xiang Yu, Xiang Yu ambush last fall committing suicide and died, Chu war which officially ended.

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