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Santa Maria Girls

Santa Maria Girls was founded in 1881, the predecessor of the text and to serve Wen Ji Girls Girls, site in Bai Linan Road (now Changning Road 1187). 1851 Wen Ji girls created. 1861 Girls created to serve the text.

Brief introduction

Southwest side of Zhongshan Park in Changning Road 1187. Half a century ago, there used to be Shanghai's famous woman --- St. Mary Church School Girls (St.Mary 'sHall). This year is a woman aristocratic church school, a lot of the old aristocratic ladies on the beach, including the smash hit movie stars are from this school, such as Eileen Chang, his Ideas and so on. Here is the College of Textiles, Donghua University, Changning campuses.After a renovation of St. Mary girls, yet still retain the integrity of that year was roughly style school early. Facing the first classroom teacher school gates is already building, whitewashed walls several times after losing the original color, and post those embossed sill flaking climbing flowers are rebuilt. Nevertheless, this typical 1930s built early last century with Western eclectic "Chinese-style" small building, still like a dignified old man standing steady entrance of the campus, witnessed a century of historical change.



Santa Maria Girls was founded in 1881, the predecessor of the text and to serve Wen Ji Girls Girls, site in Bai Linan Road (now Changning Road 1187).

In 1851, Ms. Jones to establish an American Anglican School for Girls in the Shanghai Hongkou chapel, named Wen Ji. Initially, only eight students Wen Ji, am learning simple "Bible" and "Four Books", the rest of the time to learn textiles, sewing, cooking and gardening. 10 years later, another American Anglican missionaries --- Ms. Grande, serve to commemorate her husband's late, lamented Mr. Wen also set up a girls' school in Shanghai, and its husband "to serve the text" the name of. Here's female students in addition to learning the Bible, Chinese, arithmetic, it also learn sewing, embroidery.

1861 Girls created to serve the text.

Two schools merged

1881 Wen Ji, to serve two schools merged to form the Santa Maria Man Girls (St. Mary's Hall), St. John's University Wanhangdu site in the campus, the first year of enrollment of 28 people, the first president of the Chinese people Miss Huang Sue.

June 1881, the U.S. Episcopal Church to teach the donor Ji Wen, Wen serve two schools merged to form the Santa Maria girls. The new school was built behind the Fan Wang Du St. John's College, the entire campus was the ancient Greek architectural style. At this point St. John's College and St. Mary's Girls only separated by a wall, but the seat except Sunday at the church of "church", the male and female students from not allowed to talk. School enrollment at the beginning of more than 40 people, one after another after increasing every year. June 25, 1931 Santa Maria Girls 50th anniversary, this is the students' performances. 50 years ago, Shanghai is also the beginning of the girls' own attire and female students in class situations

1885 Girls has a foundling, against typhoon also responsible for the case.

In 1900, the school held its first graduation ceremony, only one student Zhujing Zhen graduation.

1908 Tim set division Gencor library. This 后圣玛利亚 girls have a greater development, the formal establishment of the English Department, Chinese Ministry and the music department, learning to develop eight years.

1920 purchase of 70 acres of land to build the road Bai Linan new school (now Triumph Changning Road intersection).

1923, moved to Santa Maria girls Bai Linan Road (now Changning Road) new school, and changed 名圣玛利亚 Girls' Secondary School, enrollment in the upper household objects, mostly women. Until 1929, the school has a total of 100 eight-year graduates, teacher graduates 17, 137 junior high school graduates, high school graduates 145 people, Chinese grade 63 graduates. Then Santa Maria girls, has become a noble woman, the school in full accordance with American methods of education: In addition to required courses, there are religious activities, home economics training and electives such as music and dance performances, teach western upper class etiquette, social knowledge. It is the year the average student is 84 yuan tuition fees, the equivalent of the average worker 10 months' salary; professionals to learn Spanish is 168 yuan a year tuition, other meals, incidentals does not already included. Such high costs, ordinary people is clearly difficult to support. Since then, the Santa Maria Girls began to become Shanghai Second aristocratic Western Girls Girls after church.


1937 by the Nanjing Road shopping continent temporary class.

1939 Santa Maria girls and St. John's University campus in Fiji Wei Jian Tong (Grave's hall), all students commuting.

July 1952 Department of Education took over the western Shanghai Girls Girls and Santa Maria, and the two schools merged into Shanghai No.3 Girls High School. The Girls of Santa Maria on the original school site then established a new tertiary --- Shanghai Textile College.

August 1999, the school was incorporated into Donghua University, College of Textiles, Donghua University, Changning become campuses, a total area of ​​64,000 square meters.

In 2009, in addition to the clock tower, the ruins are. [1]

Development Dispute

Joint protection requirements

Girls only part of the construction site of the wall and some windows residues

Santa Maria Girls site seven historic buildings demolished six residents signed up for protection.

Southwest side of Zhongshan Park, No. 1187 Changning Road, Shanghai famous woman once Church School - Santa Maria Girls, later incorporated into the College of Textiles, Donghua University, Changning District campuses, due to improper development of the developers, which is now at the Garden almost in ruins.

China strongly opposed to planning

April 14, 2009, Changning District Planning Board in 1187 Changning Road entrance site posted a public consultation of the "announcement", to inform nearby residents, developers will follow the announcement planning scheme "Changning Road 88 neighborhood 32 / 8 mound commercial office complex building project "development and construction.

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