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LC terminology Daquan

Certificate of Origin

  1.certificate of origin of China showing stating evidencing specifying indicating declaration of

  2.certificate of Chinese origin

  3.Certificate of origin shipment of goods of … origin prohibited

  4.declaration of origin

  5.certificate of origin separated

  6.certificate of origin "form A" "  7.genetalised system of preference certificate of origin form "A"

  Packing List and Weight List

  1.packing list deatiling the complete inner packing specification and contents of each package

  2.packing list detailing…

  3.packing list showing in detail…

4.weight list

  5.weight notes

  6.detailed weight list

  Other Documents

  1. full tet of forwarding agents' cargo receipt

  2.air way bill for goods condigned to…quoting our credit number

  3.parcel post receipt

  4.Parcel post receipt showing parcels addressed to…a/c accountee

  5.parcel post receipt evidencing goods condigned to…and quoting our credit number

  6.certificate customs invoice on form 59A combined certificate of value and origin for developing countries

  7.pure foods certificate

  8.combined certificate of value and Chinese origin

9.a declaration in terms of FORM 5 of New Zealand forest produce import and export and regultions 1966 or a declaration FORM the exporter to the effect that no timber has been used in the packing of the goods, either declaration may be included on certified customs invoice

  10.Canadian custtoms invoice(revised form)all signed in ink showing fair market value in currency of country of export

  11.Canadian import declaration form 111 fully signed and completed

  The Stipulation for Shipping Terms

  1. loading port and destinaltion

  (1)despatch/shipment from Chinese port to…

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